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Loans Guarantee Fund

Get up to € 2 million

Obtain medium / long-term financing to cover liquidity or to carry out small or large projects.

You pay off in 8 or 5 years, one is pre-amortization

Choose whether to repay your loan in 8 or 5 years, always with the 1st year of pre-amortization.

Available for partnerships and capital companies

Our loans are available for companies (SPA and SRL) and partnerships (SAS and SNC) with at least 120 thousand euros in turnover, 2 financial statements filed or 2 tax returns.

Zero guarantees required

The simple and fast financing covered by the Guarantee Fund. To request it, we do not ask you for any kind of guarantee.

No destination constraints

You use the financing for what you need. There is no need to present a business plan. You decide how to spend the money.

We take care of the investigation

You pay nothing until it is paid out. We take care of all the preparation of the investigation and the request to the Guarantee Fund.

* To obtain the loans, the company must receive both a positive response to the eligibility result and the approval from the Guarantee Fund


Community funding

European loans obtain a minimum of 60% non- repayable and are disbursed through indirectly managed funds of the European Community with the release of the assigned credit resolution. Our loans are available to all companies that are part of the European Union, the simple and fast financing is covered by the Fidejussoria Policy.

To request it we will ask you Business Plan Chamber of Commerce registration and identification document of the Sole Administrator.

You pay nothing until it is paid out. We take care of all the preparation of the investigation and the request for the Surety Policy


Bank guarantee

The bank guarantee is a guarantee that a bank, with an agreement with us, decides to grant, with the stipulation of a written contract to a debtor who requests it, who often, for legal reasons due to the fluidity of the bureaucratic process, becomes an active customer of the credit institution chosen as surety.

The sum guaranteed by the bank is the same that the debtor contracts with loans (or loans) from a third party creditor.

The surety contract is therefore sanctioned between the creditor and the bank acting as guarantor, in exchange for the signature credit it grants, the bank requires the payment of a commission, or a sum agreed on a percentage basis on the amount of the debt contracted. from your customer. usually around 1% of its after-tax value.

There are usually two types of bank guarantee .

Specific guarantee

The surety guarantees the bank (creditor) only for the obligations specifically indicated

Omnibus surety

The surety guarantees all the obligations assumed by the debtor towards the bank (creditor)


Judicial surety

Bankruptcy Revocation - Mortgage Revocation

The surety is issued in the interest of the Contractor and in favor of the Beneficiary, as a guarantee for the compensation of the loss of the credit suffered by the latter, deriving from any judicial declaration of revocation, in bankruptcy. The surety is issued to guarantee the risks deriving from bankruptcy revocation following the purchase and sale of real estate.

Creditors Agreement - Bankruptcy

The surety requested by the judicial authority is issued in the interest of the Bankrupt Company and in favor of the creditors of the latter to guarantee the successful completion of the obligations provided for in the arrangement.

Mortgage cancellation

The surety is issued to guarantee the fulfillment of the necessary formalities to extinguish the burdens following the loan splitting

Seizure of Assets

The surety requested by the judicial authority is issued in the interest of the party who has undergone the seizure of the assets and in favor of the plaintiff for obtaining the release from seizure of the assets.

Other judicial deposits

The surety requested by the judicial authorities is issued in order to obtain: precautionary measures; concessions for emergency measures, provisional enforceability of opposing injunctive decrees; execution, security guarantees provided for by the Civil Code

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